1-door block (middle shelf) and 3 drawers.

Worktop: end grain wood block No cornice on the sides, but elegant panelling that allows it to be built in or not.


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Dimensions: 105 × 60 × 90 cm



Sauzon MM block: the block inspired by antique iceboxes. SAUZON has been DE KERCOET’s iconic staple collection for many years.

Warm wood combined with robust industrial hardware. One cupboard and three drawers on runners with integrated “soft close” shock absorbers for everyday comfort. The sides are panelled but “flat”, so you can build the unit in or not.

Worktop: end grain wood or white marble or black granite. The SAUZON collection, with its elegant “old wood” finish belt, is available in the 11 original shades that make up the DE KERCOET palette. Also available in a full “old wood” finish.

The professional-quality handles are finished in chrome. Delivered assembled. Registered design.


Solid beech, beech veneer, solid hornbeam, chromed brass, zinc alloy.


DE KERCOET furniture is designed and crafted with the utmost care. The quality of the selected woods and the hand-finishing give them a unique character.

Our furniture is delivered assembled and ready to use. We recommend that you oil your end grain before using it for the first time – see care instructions.

Caution: direct exposure to sunlight and heat, sudden changes in temperature and low humidity can cause alterations, warping and cracking. I look after my END GRAIN WOOD, and guarantee that my De Kercoet block will last for many years: Every day: wipe with a clean damp sponge, then with a dry soft cloth.

We also recommend regular oiling of the end grain to nourish the fiber (oil compatible with food contact – see De Kercoet care product).

After application, leave on for around eight hours, then absorb excess oil; After application, it is normal to see the end grain darken.

CAUTION: Do not machine wash. No direct contact with hot and burning utensils.


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